How do we select the models for your photo session

models for your photo sessionThe right choice of a model is extremely important for one successful advertising photo session, or photos for an online store, or catalogue. What qualities should a woman or a man possess, in order to become a model?

Many people think that being a model is an easy job. At some point, they may be right – you stand in front of the camera and someone takes pictures of you. Everybody sees the final result, but they don’t consider some details from the kitchen of the photo session. Oftentimes, a session can last from 5-8 hours. And just like any other business, this one also has to be economically effective. Our fellow photographers, who hire the studio, find it cheaper to hire it for the entire day, rather than hiring it 2 days for 4 hours. The same applies to the make-up artists and hairdressers. That is why; I think that the most important qualities a model should possess are: discipline, responsibility, professional relation to the job, and teamwork skills, because this is a job, which depends on many people.

How important is to be photogenic if you are a model? I have been wondering for a long time what exactly this is, and why some people just always look good on pictures. I finally realized that the answer is actually very simple – a combination of symmetry and certain proportions of the face. Also, a lack of areas on the face, which create shadows (this doesn’t look good on pictures). If you look harder at photos of successful models, you will notice these signs. And if you see them live, you will find that they look quite different. I think that being photogenic is very important if you are a model. This means that no matter what lightning you use, they will look good. Should the model have a beautiful smile? Now I will depose a myth, and say – no! When they smile, they create shadows on their face, and this doesn’t look good on photos, especially if they’re having a photo session.

Does the height matter? No, it doesn’t. The most successful models were actually not tall. On the runway, it may matter, but when it comes to fashion photography, it doesn’t. We are not an agency for photo models, but we keep in contact with many, and we can help you choose the perfect one for your photo session.

Last but not least is the dilemma – should I use a photo model or a plastic mannequin? Personally, I don’t recommend anyone using plastic mannequins. My experience shows that you don’t save any money by choosing this way, because you anyways have to engage a person to dress and undress it, which takes much more time, than if you hire a model. The customers don’t trust such photos, because they don’t see the clothing on a real person, which makes them less inclined to make a purchase.

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