About Us

Photo studio for fashion, product photography, photos for online store and catalogs. Processing (retouching) images.

If you own an online store, then you should know how important fashion photography is to your business. It may not be the only, but it is one of the main reasons for making good profits, and attracting potential customers. There are many reasons why fashion photography is so important. One of them is that the users don’t have a real contact with the concrete product. The hardest thing to do is to convince a potential customer to buy a product, without actually seeing it. Here comes fashion photography. The presentation of the product is the most important part in online stores. Yes, you can always write an amazing description of it, containing all of the information the customer is looking for, but it is just not enough.

Fashion photography is created to grab the attention of potential customers. It helps in creating an emotional contact with the users. It puts the product in its best light, and makes it more intriguing to the customers. But for the purpose, you have to own the needed techniques, a good background, the perfect lighting and etc. You cannot distract professionally created photos, because they speak for themselves. If you want to make the best presentation for the products you offer, you can’t just grab your phone and make pictures. If you really want people to buy your commodities, but you don’t have the needed techniques, you should better look for the services of a professional photographer.

This is exactly what we do. Our photo studio is located in Ruse, Bulgaria and it is specialized in fashion, product, and advertising photography. We also make photos for online stores, catalogues, advertising campaigns, portrait photography, and processing (retouching) photos. Our studio has a perfect color management system, which is very important in this field of photography. We have mastered methods and techniques for high-grade photos on “white” background, which is another important part of the presentation of online stores.

Vision is what sells these days. And we can contribute for the good profit of your store, or fashion catalogue. Fashion photography is not just pictures of clothes. Its purpose is to influence on potential customers, to provoke, and to create an aesthetical delight. And, the professionally created photos will not just increase your profits; they will make a mutual trust between you and your clients.

Another important part of fashion photography is the right choice of a model for your catalogue, or store. Many people think that being a model is an easy job, but do they have any idea that only one photo session lasts from 5-8 hours? The most important qualities a photo model should possess are: discipline, a sense of responsibility, professional relation to the job, and the ability to work in a team. We are not an agency for models, but we do have contacts with many of them, and we can help you choose the best one for your photo session.

If you are wondering what does retouch means and why do we have to use it, here is your answer: Everybody knows that there is no perfect model or photo. Every model has moles, wrinkles, or other small things, which can be processed with software. We very often increase the contrast between eyes and lips, because it makes the picture more powerful. We can also increase the dynamic in the photo and other software manipulations, which cannot be achieved with the lighting, and the camera. Retouching also helps for increasing the contrast of the clothing, which also can’t happen only with the optics of the camera.

If you are not sure how your photos will look like, you can contact us, and we will shoot 5 free products for you. If you are from another country, don’t worry, because we work with cheap and reliable express services.

It will be cheaper if you just send us the products, and after we make pictures of them, we will send them back. You can always contact with us if you have any questions.