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What is the right way of shooting black clothes

White and black clothes are the hardest ones to shoot. Why do they look like white and black spots on pictures? Everybody who gets to make pictures of products and clothes for online stores, catalogues, or advertising photography, faces this problem.
product photography black clothesIn order to get a detailed picture in that case, we use special light modifiers, with which we obtain a highly directed light. In this way, we create a very big contrast and details on the picture. Of course, everything has its price – very sharp shadows sometimes appear on the pictures if you are not being careful, especially in relation to the posture of the model. Any mistake in the determination of the exposure will be fatal, and will ruin the picture. But fashion photography, is a photography, which represents the limits of the potentialities of the photographic technique and vision. What makes the picture powerful and memorable is exactly when you take your chances when you shoot it. Many colleagues are afraid of shadows. But to me, the shadow is a part of the picture, which makes the model in it look alive. Of course, everything must be well measured.

Why you should use pictures on white background for your online store

product photography white backgroundWhat does a picture on white background represent, and why do people use them in online stores, advertising, and product photography. What exactly is white?

The white color is a neutral color with values 255.255.255. In other words, it can’t become whiter. Why should you use white background? It doesn’t disperse the viewer’s eye, and it makes you concentrate entirely on the product, or the clothing. Moreover, it fits perfectly on every type of color scheme on the online store. It doesn’t create artifacts in a time of compression, because it doesn’t contain useful information, which should be compressed, or twisted. The picture looks good in small, medium and large size. And this is a great advantage. You can easily make a collage of several photos. Another advantage is that the size of the picture is significantly smaller, which accelerates the loading process.

Of course, there couldn’t be only advantages. The pictures on white background have their disadvantages too. The biggest one is that if the photographer doesn’t measure the correct lightning for a white background, the contrast of the picture drops sharply. This happens, because the light in the object-glass comes directly from another lightning source – the white background. Creating a qualitative picture on such background acquires a lot of technique and experience. For this purpose, we have constructed special background reflectors, and we have developed a lightning scheme with 4 mono blocks, in order to minimize the effect of dropping contrast on the picture, and the reflection of the light from the white background to the model.

With highly contrasted places, in that case the contours of the model, and the transition to white, occur all of the defects and shortcomings of the object-glasses – the so-called chromatic aberrations, or “colored aureoles”. We reduce them by using special software. That is why; shooting in a professional RAW format is an absolute must.